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Well hey there!

Born and raised in beautiful Wilmington, I have always had a passion for creating. Whether that meant throwing clay, painting watercolors, stitching embroidery, designing posters, reinventing furniture, or practicing calligraphy, I have always seemed to find a new artistic phase to entertain myself.  Some lasted longer than others, but photography has always been my true love.  There is something magical about stopping time and holding onto it forever. Nature and portraiture are my favorite to capture for in them I find true beauty, joy, and peace. 

My day-to-day routine consists of teaching kindergarten (the most entertaining day job possible), trying to keep up with my wild man (skydiving, surfing, hiking, wake boarding, etc.), running, reading, and eating as much Asian/Mexican/dessert that I can get my hands on.

I'm Holly Brown

Holly Brown


Tel: 910-616-3759

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